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Why green your house?

There are many benefits to making a “green” or more eco-friendly home, below we will mention just a few reasons why it is worth your while to consider going green:

  • Reducing your costs. By using solar power and water tanks you do not have to worry about the rising costs of electricity and water.
  • Environmentally friendly. Not only is solar power a renewable source of energy, it is also vastly cleaner than our main source of energy, coal power.
  • Greater return on investment. Through lowering your energy costs, and lowering your maintenance costs, you can see a greater return on your investment.
  • Healthier living. A greener home leads to a healthier home, and healthier environment in general.
  • More independent. Not having to rely on Municipal service delivery can lead to a much more independent and stress free lifestyle overall.
  • More Demand. There is a growing demand amongst buyers for a greener home.