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A checklist for moving.

The moving day itself can be stressful and chaotic enough as is, without having to try remember what has and hasn’t been done. It is for this reason that we have put together a moving checklist of sorts, to help you manage it all a lot easier.


†       Confirm the removal date with the removals company.

†       Purchase or collect boxes for all the packing.

†       If moving out of rented accommodation, notify your landlord in writing.

†       Arrange for final readings of your water and electricity usage.

†       Ensure you have applied for leave (if necessary).

†       Start packing.

†       Arrange for disconnection and connection of your old and new home’s water, electricity, phone lines, etc.

†       Notify your insurance company that you have moved and update your policy (If applicable).

†       Change the address details for all your posted communications, online delivery addresses, etc.

†       Defrost and dry your fridges/freezers a day or two before the move.

†       Label the boxes of your essential items in bold permanent marker as follows “Last on – First Off”, to ensure they are available immediately after the move.

†       Turn off all switches in the house – lights, stove, oven, aircons, wall heaters, etc. (Perhaps even turn these off on the DB Board if the new occupants aren’t moving in immediately.

†       Don’t forget to ensure you have the keys to your new home with you, and enough petrol in the car to get there.