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The Benefits of Greening your Garden.

The best way to ‘green’ your garden is plant an indigenous garden. Not only does this allow you to appreciate the beauty of our indigenous plant life but it also provides many other benefits too.

One such benefit is that an indigenous garden does not require a massive amount of man hours to continuously maintain. This is because indigenous plants are much more resilient than alien plants, this is due to the fact they are native to the local environment and have therefore adapted to the local conditions.

They are more resistant to pests, and are used to local water cycles. Once established, an indigenous garden will not need constant watering. It will also attract local bird life and insects too, promoting a healthier overall environment.
Indigenous plants are also much more efficient at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than alien species. This is due to the fact they have much more extensive root systems and they are able to absorb and retain water more efficiently due to their adaptation to the local conditions. This then has a knock on effect in helping to reduce the effects of global warming.

A beautiful garden also helps in adding value to a property, and therefore can be seen as an investment in the overall value of your property.Other ways you can green your garden is by having rain water tanks or grey water systems for use when you do need to water your garden. By not using any pesticides or herbicides. Mulching your plant waste and adding it back into your garden. Planting species which are highly adapted to your local area, whether that be a drier area or a wetter area.