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Why we live in Hilton.

Hilton, it’s not just a Village, it’s a way of life! 

It’s not just the lush greenery and clean fresh air that draws one to Hilton.

It’s not just the big gardens and lovely views that keeps one in Hilton.

It’s not just the fantastic Schools and great facilities that the children love.

It’s not just the friendly locals and the sense of community that ties us all together.

It’s not just the cows walking along the roads or the eagles soaring overhead.

It’s not just the relaxed lifestyle and the short distance to the shops.

It’s not just that we are the gateway to the Midlands Meander.

It’s not just the rich history, or the stories that we all have to share.

It’s because above all else Hilton is a happy place, and we live in Hilton because it makes us happy.